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About Us

A Focus On Small Business

The overall mission of Wise Business Solutions is to help small to medium-sized businesses and professionals succeed. We specialize in providing comprehensive monthly accounting services giving our clients the financial information and consultation they need to effectively manage their businesses.

Almost any accounting firm can crunch numbers for you, but your business needs more. If you’re looking for an accounting firm that gives small business owners Big Client Service, look to us. We deliver superior service and specialize in giving small businesses the personal attention they need to thrive in today’s marketplace. It’s not only about the numbers. It’s about Service.

A Different Approach With Real Financial Benefits

Our philosophy differs from that of most other accounting firms. While other firms provide services quarterly, semiannual or just once a year, we believe that small business owners need current information to monitor their finances on a monthly basis. This current financial information enables us to provide you with truly meaningful consultation, advice and tax planning. The efficiencies realized through this ongoing relationship with our clients allow us to provide greater services at a surprisingly affordable investment.

Working As Your Partner

Our clients view our firm as a business partner. They call us frequently with their business questions without being concerned that the meter is running. It’s part of our commitment to provide experienced accounting consultation and business guidance.

We work together as a team of accountants, accounting paraprofessionals and payroll specialists to provide the accounting, tax, business and payroll guidance needed to ensure the success of your business.

Professional Advice & Peace Of Mind

The quality of professional advice you receive is a real factor in creating success for your business and in creating peace of mind for yourself. At Wise Business Solutions, we take a team approach to client services providing you with access to seasoned accounting and payroll specialists able to advise on a broad spectrum of business, accounting, and financial planning issues. The standard for the high quality of our services is set by our firm’s principal, Rob Wise, a Certified Public Accountant with more than 25 years of professional experience. When you work with Wise Business Solutions, you don’t just get the attention of an individual accountant, you get the focus of a team of professionals committed to small business success, your success.

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History of the Company

Wise Business Solutions was originally founded as Snyder & Company PA CPA in Wilmington, Delaware in 1982 by Dennis Snyder. Early in his career Dennis quickly realized that small businesses were not receiving the same level of services and guidance from the CPA community as were larger businesses. While larger businesses had the benefit of monthly financial statements and accounting professionals to help them use that information to manage their businesses, the small business owner typically relied on a tax return to tell them how they did. Since their tax returns were often on extension it could easily be nine months after the end of their tax year before they found out if they were making or losing money. They could be out of business before they ever knew what was wrong. In order to help smaller businesses, Dennis started a firm that specialized in providing monthly accounting services to the small business community for an affordable investment. Small business owners were finally able to make business decisions based upon timely financial information with minimal accounting effort on their part. After 30+ years in business, it was time to begin a succession plan for the longevity of the company. In January 2021, Dennis transitioned ownership of the company to Rob Wise. With over 25 years with the firm, Rob took the helm confidently and is committed to providing the same level of specialty services to the small business community. In 2023 the Snyder and Company name changed to Wise Business Solutions. This change reflects our evolving commitment to provide more comprehensive and insightful business solutions. The name encapsulates our mission of guiding and empowering your business decisions with strategic insight and astute financial management. Our team’s expertise, commitment to excellence, and personalized attention to your needs embodies our vision of a future where your business not only thrives but guides wise choices that help get you where you want to be.